charmed is charming!

Friday, January 19, 2007

and so is this pattern.

The caption in the book Greetings from Knit Cafe reads:
"this is the perfect sweater to wear with your pajamas, especially on the mornings when you have to take the kids to school but don't feel like getting dressed....its the sweater you wear on Sundays curled up with the newspaper or while cutting flowers in your garden on cool mornings."
Wow, I felt like they were talking directly to me! I had to make this, and am I ever glad. I think it is the sweater I will wear daily! I made it out of Classic Elite Charmed. Although a little pricey, (o.k. a lot pricey) it is worth it and is my new favorite! So, so, warm. So, so, cozy, and that is what I am all about. Coziness!

Sorry the light in this photo is way off, I was just so happy the sun was shining!

Here is the skinny:
Slouchy Cardigan Greetings from Knit Cafe
10 balls Classic Elite Charmed, color heathered oatmeal
size US 8 needles
If you decide to make this remember to check out the pattern corrections.

The children have a teacher in service day today, so we are off to the children's museum. I think I will wear my slouchy cardigan! :)
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Anonymous1/19/2007

    Gorgeous sweater and the color is perfect for wearing all the time b/c it will match everything.

  2. That sweater is gorgeous, you are very talented......I need that pattern.

  3. Anonymous1/19/2007

    Looks great on you! It does look like a perfect sweater for those days!

  4. That's a great sweater. I as considering that book and that may have closed the final sale.

    PS - Those are some awesome boots in your profile picture!

  5. Your Slouchy cardigan looks great on you! I love the description in the book. The bit about throwing it on over your jammies when you take the kids to school is enough to make me want to buy the book!

  6. This looks so luxuriously soft and comfy. The classic elite charm is worth it!

  7. Ok, that is going on my to do list now! That turned out great, the color is wonderful and neutral. Great job! I love the little case you made for your friends daughter who just became a "woman". GREAT idea.