things making me happy today

Saturday, December 16, 2006

There were a few things today that made me very happy......the first being the tooth fairy finally showed up last night for Libby. Wow, she lost her tooth last Monday, and that darn tooth fairy just wouldn't come! Must have got the wires crossed with Santa Claus. Martha had those tooth bears on her show years ago. All 3 children have one and will definitely be a special keepsake.

The second being waking up to this sweet picture in our bedroom that was drawn by Libby. She changes photos almost daily, and for some reason I just loved this with the tree and the package pillows (I made 12 years ago!)

I also found out that my Meathead Hat was chosen for the Larissa upcoming book. Wow, there were so many great ones I was truly ecstatic!
Also, spending the afternoon at the ballet with Libby and my mother in law watching the Nutcracker. It was Libby's first experience and a very special afternoon. I was also able to start on the hubby's Christmas stocking stuffer............will show pictures after Christmas as he LOVES to read this blog!

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  1. Anonymous12/20/2006

    I forgot all about those package pillows. Are you sure YOU made them, I thought I made them for you????????

  2. ha! i made them for you.....did you get rid of them????

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