and the stockings were hung

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Needle pointers BEWARE. These amazing stockings were stitched by my lovely sister, Michelle. She made each of my children one, and I can honestly say that they will take your breath away. She is so unbelievably talented. The detail is unbelievable...the time and effort astonishing. I can't even begin to explain what these mean to me and how I treasure them. I always say that if my house was on fire, I am grabbing the children first and these stockings second! Everything else could be replaced.

Each one is embroidered inside with her name and the year that they were given them.

Each one fits their personality perfectly. Andrews is everything sports right down to the hometown hat. And the golf clubs, how fitting. The tree is amazing with lots of beaded ornaments.

Libby's is everything beads. This one must have at least 1000 beads. The packages tied up in beautiful bows......OH!! Check out Santa's coat and that teddy bear!

Charlies might be my favorite although it would be so hard to choose. Charlie and snowmen, they just seem to go together. This snowman even has a knitted scarf, hat and gloves(yes, there is a knit stitch in needle point!)as does the penquin!

I can't tell you how many different stitches she used. I may have to post additional photos later because the intricate work is unbelievable.
I am so blessed to have a sister like this, and my children are so lucky! These stockings will be cherished FOREVER.

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  1. Anonymous12/20/2006

    those are beautiful!!!!!! how long did it take her to make each one???????:}

  2. Holy Mackrel! those are amazing stockings, my mother needlepointed, but nothing like that.
    cheers, and happy holidays, I hope all is well!

  3. Anonymous12/22/2006

    You are too kind......I love you more than you will ever know....I miss you too!!!!

  4. those are truly amazing!

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