the Dart-a-long

 Wow!  Meant to get over here and let you know about the fun Knit a-long we have going on.  It started on March 1 and ends on May 1.  But don't worry, it's already the 4th and I haven't even cast on!  

If you are interested we would love to have you join!  You can join the Dartmoor group on Ravelry or just use the #dartalongkal on Instagram.  We will find you!

It's gonna be fun!  And one of the best things... you will have a new sweater at the end of it!

Per Lei Schel

You can't really tell from this photo, but this scarf is loooooonggggg. And super cozy and squishy and cool! While in Berlin in December Steve fell in love with a gorgeous scarf in the most beautiful yarn shop.
Although, the sample scarf was knit in a bulky yarn.  Steve requested something softer.  Cashmere?  Well, yes.  That will do!  

Pattern:  Per Lei Schel  (Free pattern on Ravelry.)
Needles:  US11/8mm
Yarn:  Lang Cashmere Light, 6 skeins.  88% cashmere, 12% nylon
Mods:  I followed the pattern, however, only used 3 colors.  I knit each ball until the end and changed colors when I completed 2 balls of color.  

this and that

Spending the week out in Lake Tahoe and it's been very very relaxing! 
I started this pair of socks the day before we left and finished them up 2 days later. Such a rewarding knit! I'm not a huge sock knitter. I just don't find them fun to make and when I put on a shoe while wearing them, I can feel every stitch on the bottom of my foot! (Although, I have never tried cashmere!)

When I saw this pattern I thought a home sock is something I can get behind!  And these totally fit the bill.   I dug through my stash and found some Quince & Co from an earlier project.  I grabbed my needles and cast on.  They were not only fun to knit but they are fun to wear.  They are super cozy!  

Patttern:  Sunday Socks by Petite Knit
Yarn:  Quince & Co Owl 
Needle:  US 6/4.0mm
Size:  I made the 6.5"-7.5" and wear a size 8 shoe.  

My favorite Tahoe winter activity! (Instead of skiing!) Water temp 40º Land 41º.
In other news...

I made my 2024 calendar right before we left.  
I choose a knit from the month the previous year and use it for this years month photo.  It reminds me of past time and knits and what I was working on during that month last year.  This is my 4th or 5th year doing this and it brings me such joy!

Happy weekend, friends!  

warm friend - a hot water bottle pattern

A Hot water bottle is one of those things that just adds a little something special to the day!  It is amazing how much it can warm you up and when kept in the bed all night (I scoot it away from us but keep it under the blankets) seems to keep the bed at a nice temperature during those freezing nights.  A true quiet luxury.  

Cast on for this today and you will be sleeping with a Warm Friend tonight!  

Pattern:  Warm Friend 
Yarn:  Hue + Me by Lion Brand
Needles:  US 11/ 8mm

Hot Water Bottle from Amazon (affiliate link):  

We woke up to snow and it is lovely!  Happy weekend friends!


the Fancy

It's my first sweater of the year and I am so happy it came at the coldest time of the year.  With snow on the ground it is Winter White at it's finest!

This was my Christmas cast on, however, I cast on December 26th.  Originally, I had other plans for this yarn but, wow, it decided to be HUGE so Plan B was made.  
Since I had already made a Fancy out of Big Birdie, I knew it was the perfect combination of yarn and pattern.  Thanks to my friend, Margaret, I acquired a ball of MYPZ kidsilk Mohair to add a little bit of detail.  It's hard to tell from the photos, but it is a deep, rich plum and it is delicious!  

I added it to the inside of the neckline as well as the edge of the sleeve cuffs.  

Project:  Fancy by The Lamb and Kid
Needles:  US 9/5.5mm US 7/4.5 mm
Yarn:  4 skeins Big Birdie in Oats
Size:  2 (84 Cast On)
Mods:  The only modification was using the contrasting color on the neckline and sleeve cuffs.