Per Lei Schel

Monday, February 12, 2024

You can't really tell from this photo, but this scarf is loooooonggggg. And super cozy and squishy and cool! While in Berlin in December Steve fell in love with a gorgeous scarf in the most beautiful yarn shop.

Although, the sample scarf was knit in a bulky yarn.  Steve requested something softer.  Cashmere?  Well, yes.  That will do!  

Pattern:  Per Lei Schel  (Free pattern on Ravelry.)
Needles:  US11/8mm
Yarn:  Lang Cashmere Light, 6 skeins.  88% cashmere, 12% nylon
Mods:  I followed the pattern, however, only used 3 colors.  I knit each ball until the end and changed colors when I completed 2 balls of color.  

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  1. He notes that he discovered this scarf in a great yarn store in Berlin, and the original example was knitted with a thick yarn. However, Steve prefers a version with a softer texture and finished with cashmere yarn, which is a luxurious material at the end. This story emphasizes the story of a special scarf and the importance of personal preferences.