birthday scarf

Friday, January 12, 2024

 It's my husband's birthday this weekend so what's a girl make her guy?  A scarf and a hot water bottle cozy that's what!  HA.

Well, poor guy.  He will get the Warm Friend (pattern coming soon), but the scarf will be wrapped "as is" and finished as soon as, well, as soon as I finish it!

Steve chose the yarn for his scarf while we were traveling in Germany last month.  I know they sell this yummy Lang Cashmere here in the states but it was so much fun to have him pick it out and purchase it there.  It's like I am knitting the memories of our trip into the scarf.  I love having a memory of where I buy the yarn and the places I knit the project.  

I made Banana Bread last weekend and it has been a friend every morning this week with my coffee.  Coffee, yarn and banana bread, well it just seems to be the perfect combo.

I'll be baking a cake later today.  Birthday cake goes well with knitting, too!   

Happy weekend!


What I'm watching:  Fool me once on Netflix.  

What I'm reading:  One Italian Summer.

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  1. Anonymous1/12/2024

    Enjoy the birthday weekend! One Italian Summer was a Florida pool read for me last summer, I took myself to The Amalfi Coast for cooking & vacationing on my 50th birthday. The book was a fun reminder ☀️!

    1. Awe! What a wonderful reminder of your birthday trip! I am thinking so much of my mother and wish that could happen to me! Oh how I would love to hang out with my mother in her younger years! xx

  2. I love working with souvenir yarn and reliving the memories! And then he will have the scarf to remind him as well. Perfect!

    1. Awe. Me tooooo. I had it wrapped with the needles and now I can work on it in front of him! (Even though he chose the yarn I wanted it to be a surprise.HA!)