Rhinebeck 2023

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Well, the sea of Antique Flora's was all that and more.  For some reason it is just SO wonderful to twin with other knitters!  Gina did the most amazing job dying the yarn so that all the sweaters looked wonderful together!  It was raining on and off that Saturday... But that didn't stop us!

{Gina, me, Sara, Stephanie, Laura}

I do wish mine fit a little like the others.  Ha.  I guess I should have made the 37" instead of the 34"!
Can you stand the cuteness of these sweeties?!!!
Felted.  I mean!!!

Okay.  SO many yarn experts, dyers, companies!  It truly makes your head spin in the most glorious way.  It is just an entire day of everything that makes my heart sing.  And I know I'm not alone!  
I love, love, love seeing samples and obtaining inspiration from them.  I really love that sweater up there and love being introduced to a new company.  Maybe this will be in my future.  
This was during the CAKEpoloosa event.   That's gorgeous Gina loving the rain wearing a no frills in her yarn. (Ha!)  And that is marvelous Margaret from Boboleros sporting her Saturday Shrug in her yarn.  

I'm wearing the Barbie Bubble Wrap designed by Margaret.  I'll be back to tell you all about that.  

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  1. The matched sweaters are so much fun! Rhinebeck is so fun and so inspirational.

    1. It really was fun to have a Team Sweater! :)

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