robinia sweater

Friday, November 04, 2022

My latest project off the needles; The Robinia Sweater by Anne Ventzel. 

From the anticipation of receiving the yarn to the completion of this knit, the process was a true joy.  
I received this yarn via special delivery to a hotel in Porto, Portugal arriving from Denmark.  That in itself seems a bit magical to me.
 You see, I had the urge to immediately cast on for this sweater from the first sighting on Anne Ventzel's instragram account.  She dangled her soon to be released pattern in front of our eyes and I fell in love.  I immediately messaged my friends over at önling to inquire if they would perhaps be putting together some kits for this beauty.  I relayed what colors I would be interested in making and önling did not disappoint! 
I wanted to work on this project while traveling, however, we were not sure the yarn would arrive before we left in mid September.  We were headed to Madrid with Libby to help her get settled for her new adventure.   (Teaching English for the next 10 months.)  We then would be traveling to Portugal so arranged for the yarn to be shipped to a hotel in Porto, Portugal.      
You can only imagine my anticipation when arriving to the hotel!  I was met with the most wonderful package filled with not only yarn but a few treats to heighten the experience even more; a beautiful knitting bag to accompany me on my trip.  
I've thought so much about our knitting projects and how they relate to our lives.  It's almost like little flings.  Little bursts of time spent with something you love.  
This one project was like a beautiful love affair.  I took it on my journey both mentally and physically.  

 In the vineyards of the Duorro Valley, on the planes, boats and trains, at the beach and in the cities of Portugal and then back to Spain with Charlie and Shelly to visit Libby.  This knit has all of those memories and emotions woven through the stitches and will be felt every time I wear it.  I am forever grateful.  

Pattern:  Robinia Sweater
Yarn: Held single:  Isager Eco Soft, 3 skeins (actually only used 2, but it is nice to have an extra!)
Held triple:  Isager Tweed 3 skeins in Mustard , önling silk mohair no. 10 4 balls in color 1916 , önling No. 12, 1 cone in color Camel, no. 37. 
Size: S
Needles:  US 6, US 7, US 8
Mods:  Absolutely zero.  I followed the pattern exactly.  I did run into a bit of an issue on the neckline as mine was a bit loose so I rectified that by using elastic thread to tighten.  
I must say holding 3 different yarns can be a bit tricky so I found that when I placed all three next to me on the floor it made it easier to pull from all three at the same time. 

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  1. Anonymous11/12/2022

    I’m completely intrigued by the idea of using elastic thread to tighten the neckline a bit. Did you just weave the thread in afterwards? Such a great tip! ~Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica! Sorry for the late reply! Yes! I just wove it in after to tighten up the ribbing. Hope that helps! xx