hanne flakenberg ballerina

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Well, I can't even believe that today is August 31.  How did August fly by so quickly?  This morning, I looked at my calendar in such disbelief.  Where did the days go?  

{Charlie left on the 1st, I got new contacts, I swam a lot, I knit with friends, I worked, I celebrated a 7 year anniversary, I had friends over for lunch, I baked cookies, I bought peaches from the peach truck, I peeled a lot of peaches, I helped pack, drive and move Andrew into his new college apartment, I spent a few days loving on my Mom, I celebrated a bride, and I worked A LOT on THIS Ballerina and finished it!}

I am not underestimating the amount of time spent on this sweater.  I spent many moments with this draped on my legs and boy was I happy.  
Each section is like it's own little project.  My goal for the beginning of the week.  For the weekend.  For the evening.  
This is a project that keeps things moving.  That never gets boring.  
It's a project that becomes a piece of clothing that will be worn many times.  
I truly can't say enough about how much I love these sweaters.  

Pattern:  Ballerina by Hanne Falkenberg  Kit no. 19 substituting the Apricot for a Pistachio.  
Size: S/M
Needles:  US 3
Start: 7.1.21
Finish: 8.18.21
Notes: This is my 4th Hanne Falkenberg and I am wondering if it will be my last. (My others are here and here.)  Wouldn't this be fabulous in a solid color, too?  (Hello, black.)
If you decide to make this, remember to read ahead within each section.  Don't confuse yourself by going beyond the section but ABSOLUTELY read ahead within each section.  Also, try not to get overwhelmed by looking too far ahead.  
There are always a few things you are doing in each section so I recommend writing it down and keeping good notes while progressing.  I also like to use the little stitch "pins" to keep count of increases and decreases.  If you make this, enjoy the process, because the finish object is definitely worth it!

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  1. This is so very impressive! You must knit fast! I doubt that I could finish this in 6 weeks!! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Awe. Thank you so much! I don't consider myself fast... I just think I knit a lot! hahah! happy knitting, friend!

  2. It is so beautiful, sadly the talented designer has retired herself. So it's no longer possible to buy a kit, only if you find them in a store who still has them, from before she retired

    1. Hi Gitte! The kits are now available here...

      They took over her patterns and yarn! I was so excited, that's why I had to make another one!
      LOVE her patterns! xx

  3. I would love to knit this but know I would never finish 🧶

    1. Thank you sweet Gigi! I know you could knit this, too! 🧡

  4. I just bought the kit after seeing it on your youtube podcast, I'm really looking forward to starting it. Yours are so beautiful. I think I'll keep it to start as my Christmas treat. I love your podcast.

    1. Ooooooh! How wonderful! Thank you for letting me know! And thanks for such sweet words about the podcast. :)

      I would love to see yours when you are finished. Please keep me posted! Happy knitting, friend! xx

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