wip wednesday

Thursday, May 13, 2021

So, I was going to get on a blogging schedule and post my WIP's every Wednesdays. Here I am Thursday morning.  Ha!  However, that is my plan.  I hope to get on a better schedule in this space that I still love so much even after all these years.  

I'm sitting here with a big glass of my morning water, about to attempt some more latte art, staring at my beautiful wall of yarn. (More on that later.)
Of course, I'd rather be knitting on this delicious striped sweater that gets more fun with each color.

 That's the thing about stripes.  Each color feels like a new beginning.  Like something was checked off my list and I am able to accomplish something new all in the same moment.  

I plan on finishing the last stripe of the body today and will gladly start the sleeves.  

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