Petite Lin +

Monday, August 17, 2020

This sweater was all about the yarn.  And the colors.  I fell madly in love with this combination and knew I wanted to knit a sweater immediately.  I also wanted to knit something out of Linen.   At first I thought I would knit a Missoni Accomplished.  Which I think would still be something I would LOVE, but since I had just finished one, I thought maybe something else should belong in my closet.  I also did not want to knit the linen held single.  So, I held two strands together and did a gauge.  Next, I headed to Ravelry.  
Upon spending hours on Ravelry, hunting for a pattern that would work for my gauge, I settled on the Ida Sweater.  Classic and simple.  
Now, I certainly don't like to complain about patterns, but I also don't want to send you down a path that might not work for you.  
 So, here's the deal.  The Ida Sweater seems like it is more like someone's notes, rather than a pattern one should purchase.  SO much is left to the imagination.  And, if you don't really know much about reading a pattern, you might be  instantly lost.  Everything is also in cm so unless you have the conversion memorized, you will constantly be looking up measurements.  There is not a schematic, so there's that, too.  I think the designer is Norwegian, so I am sure that is why.  And, I am glad I purchased it to have some sort of guidelines to follow.  
This sweater is definitely based off of that sweater, but I made a lot of changes.  The split hem.  Which you know how to do, right?  It's very simple. I also did a different neckline and longer sleeves.  

And the reason I have pink at the top is because I ran out of the tan.  I only wanted to knit the edges in hot pink, but in the end I was glad I ran out of yarn.  I quite like how much hot pink there is in this sweater.  I added it by counting my stitches and decided I would just knit 2 x 2 color change since it was divisible by 4.  (And 2)

Pattern:  The Ida Sweater WITH MANY CHANGES 
Yarn:  Petite Lin + by Espace Tricot, 4 skeins Fairmont, 1 skein You had me at Tricot.  HELD DOUBLE.
Size:  M
Needles:  US 9

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  1. I LOVE IT! Very cute!

  2. I like the color transitions, Leslie. 😊

  3. Very nice! I do like the pink at the top at well; it looks very intentional, not at all panicky.

  4. Love the color combination and how it fits you 🤩

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