after one week

Monday, March 23, 2020

Good Morning sweet friends.  Hope you are all doing well.
We've been in self quarantine for a week.  My kids are all home and are on Day 5 of their self quarantine.
Libby had been exposed to a couple of kids in Boulder with Covid-19 and Charlie worked with many international peeps in Big Sky so they are all self quarantining in our guest house.  They also spent 21 hours in the car together on their trek back from the west.  Andrew decided he would rather be with them than anyone else, so he is with them, also.

I've had a hard time focusing on anything other than trying to keep busy.  I knit a little but not a whole lot.  Last week I had a hard time sitting still.  I plan to change that this week.  Accept the things we cannot change.  Continue to pray for the leaders and our world.  Be thankful for each and every blessing we have.  And knit.

Some of the things that can help to keep my mind busy and make me feel better.
• applying undereye concealer daily.  sometime twice a day.
• trying my hand at latte art.
• zoom yoga with my sisters.
• organizing my yarn.  again and again.
• organizing drawers.
• baking for the kids.

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  1. Try knitting dishcloths. The MDK women suggested this and they are right. No matter how scattered you are, you can do a ball band dishcloth. It helps.
    Stay safe and I hope the children continue to feel just fine.

    1. GREAT IDEA, Debbi! Thank you! I did find some sugar n cream in my stash! Maybe I can even get LIbby started knitting again with one of those! Hope you are well. xx

  2. Ilove that your children are quarantining together. How did you nurture that bond? I want my daughters (just little at 3 and 5) to love each other like that. Really- it’s so lovely.
    I’m a healthcare provider and this is very daunting. We are just waiting for the tidal wave. But, it will ebb at some point. Keep on keeping on!

    1. Thank you, Heidi. I am so very grateful that they are close. I am envious yours are so little. Hold them tight. The ride is fast. And write this time together down for them. They will love that you did. Be well sweet friend! xx

  3. Love your lists. Hope we all will be okay.

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