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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Hi there friends! So the sweet peeps over at Love Crafts nominated A Friend To Knit With for a love Craftie award.  I was so thrilled to hear this.   The Craftie award recognizes bloggers and gives you a chance to show your love too!  I would love (so much Love!) and so appreciate it if you could take a few extra minutes and head over to LOVE CRAFTS to give AFTKW a vote!  You just have to scroll down a little and hit the "Vote For Your Fave" button.  There is a list of top blogs in several different categories so you might just find a new favorite and become even more inspired to Create!

Voting ends November 18.

Thank you so much in advance.  ☺️❤️

xx, leslie

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  1. Voted for you! You have been a favorite blog of mine for a long time! Your knitting and cookie baking got me :)

    1. awe. thank you sweet friend. and thanks for sticking around for so long. it means A LOT! xx

  2. All the best..voted for you..!!