first quarter

Friday, April 26, 2019

Can you believe that we are almost one month past the first quarter of 2019?!  Crazy!

Have you been keeping track of your knitting progress and goals?  If not in your a friend to knit with journal but in another one?  I'm a big list maker and I am all about checking things off my list!
Head :: the Savante hat.  And it just donned on me I never posted a pic!  (I'll share soon because it is such an easy and rewarding little knit.)
Hands  ::  motive,  toast.
Heart  ::  Byron Bay.  Never posted that pic either.  Ugh.
Feet  ::  holiday socks.
Design :: Wing it!

Would love to hear how you are progressing on your goals!

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  1. I've had several setbacks with my knitting but I'm okay with where my knitting stands vs. my original goals. The entire month of February's knitting had to be ripped and reknit so instead of finishing that project in March, I planned to finish it in April. And I would have, except a close relative was diagnosed with cancer and needs a prayer shawl to keep her warm during chemo. Instead of finishing March's goal in April, it will be finished in May. But I'm okay with that.

    1. I like the way you roll, jeannie! prayers to your loved one. xx