turtle dove sweater

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Okay friends!  There hasn't been a sweater like this to slide off my needles in quite some time.  Yes.  I usually love my projects.  Not all of them, but for the most part, they make me happy.  
 But this one?  It's just so darn wearable!  And the yarn is D R E A M Y.  Yes, a bit pricy, but, to me, it's worth every penny.  It just was a dream to knit with.  Truly feels like cashmere.
I love all of the simple details constructed into this pattern.  Soft turtle neck,  long ribbed sleeves, split hem.

I did make a few modifications to fit my body and needs.   (Listed below.)

Pattern:  Turtle Dove
Yarn:  Woolfolk, Luft Color L06, 9 skeins  (I bought mine here.)
Size:  S
Needles:  US 10 and 10.5  (I didn't have size 10.75)
Modifications:  I added 2" to the body + 1" to the ribbing of the body.  (So, total of 3".)  To the sleeves I added 2" + 2" to the ribbing of the sleeve.

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