barbie lou

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

It's been really fun/busy around here lately. My kids are home for Thanksgiving Break!  Nothing better than having all of your babies under one roof!  Speaking of babies, I made a Barbie Lou for the sweetest little new gift to the world!  She is a friends baby and is only 4 months old.  Holy Cow.  I wish my babies were 4 months old again!

The pattern calls for Classic Elite's Liberty.   Did I ever mention that Classic Elite went out of business?  Yes. I fell in love with Classic Elite years ago.  A true love affair.  Whenever I found a new pattern, I always hunted for a Classic Elite yarn.  And many times I used a Classic Elite Pattern.   I am just heartbroken that soon I will no longer be able to get their yummy yarn.  It was always that yarn company that was rock solid in my mind producing quality yarn that would always result in a beautiful finished piece.  I did manage to find Liberty on a closeout sale here.  I really need to order some for my stash as this really makes a great Barbie Lou.  

Pattern:  Barbie Lou
Yarn:  Classic Elite Liberty.  3 balls MC, 1 ball CC, 1 ball CC
Size:  Large (1+ year)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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