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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

We packed a lot into these last couple of weeks.  August always seems a little nutty, but this year even more so.  I took Andrew to Alabama to get him settled into his new home away from home.  He will be playing golf at a Jr. College in Alexander City called Central Alabama.  It is the perfect fit for him.
We decided to get Libby to Boulder by ways of automobile!  A good road trip was just what we needed.  We rented a car in Pittsburgh (our home town) and started our journey.  First stop; Frankfort Michigan.

{Manitowic Breakwater Lighthouse}

We spent two lovely nights in that beautiful state.  Then started our journey west on the third day.  Across Lake Michigan on the S. S. Badger.   From Ludington Michigan to Manitowoc Wisconsin on a car ferry.  The 60 mile journey took us 4 hours.  And it was wonderful.  A beautiful day on the Lake.  We continued our trek (via highway) across Wisconsin into Minnesota and stopping for the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Hitting the road early on the fourth morning anxious for the sights.  We had our eyes on the Badlands National Park.  And boy, it did not disappoint.  Absolutely breathtaking views around every corner.  
I knit the entire way (I mean, the entire way!) on a blanket I wanted to leave with Libby when I left her in Boulder.  A blanket for her new bed.  A blanket to remember the road trip.  (More on the blanket later.)
We were also most anxious to get to our hotel for the night.  And my goodness friends.  I can not say enough about this perfect place to sleep.  With Mount Rushmore in the distance, a tent equipped with a king sized bed, a sweet cot for Libby, tucked in the trees.  It was absolutely PERFECT.

{The fifth morning.  Still knitting on the blanket. } 

On our final day we spent the morning at this spectacular sight.  Mount Rushmore, which I have only seen in photographs, proved to be as splendid and moving as thought to be.

We rolled into Boulder around 7:25pm and I finished the blanket about an hour before.  My hands were as happy as my heart.

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  1. That sounds like a great road trip. The Badger is a fun trip and you were very close to my home. That tent looks awesome, a glamping trip. As for the blanket, I love love love that blanket and am knitting my second with yarn already purchased for the third. I believe I got the pattern/idea from your blog. Thanks Leslie and glad you had a great road trip.

    1. oooooh! so great you are enjoying that pattern Karen! HEY! please email me! you won the book from the last giveaway!!! xx

  2. Loved this post, I was just reading a friend's Facebook page and they are at the same places at the same time as you!!! Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, stayed at a 1887 House place instead of the glamping. Was weird. Loved the story and adventure; making memories with your family is wonderful. And I loved the blanket and printed it out to make. I am just finishing up my 2nd shawl using the same yarn so look forward to buying more to use on the blanket. Thanks again for sharing and enjoy being one of your "Friend to Knit With". Paula-Windmill Farm, No. California flower farm.

  3. Lovely post , enjoyed your photos. Well done with the blanket 😘

  4. Wow! The trip must be very remarkable.


  5. Love a good road trip! I am sure we will be doing a few of those to Colorado over the next four years.

  6. Leslie, I don’t think I’ve ever told you - we lived in Pittsburgh 15 years, and my husband grew up in Boulder and is a CU alumni. We’ve been by Mt Rushmore so many times, driving to and from North Dakota. It’s such a. beautiful part of th country. Your camp out night - wow! And we do 2500 mile road trips often; I always take knitting but never thought to knit a blanket. I’ve got one sleeve left to knit on my slouchy cardigan from your sidebar :-)

  7. Oh my goodness-Ludington-my old stomping grounds! We camped at the state park like almost every year as kids. LOVE Ludington!!!! And never did the Badger! (Need to do that!)before its gone!!

  8. love. hope your daughter has a fantastic year. i want to visit mount rushmore someday after all my kids are in college (which will be next year)... thank you for sharing

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