Thursday, February 23, 2017

I've mentioned what a big fan I am of KnitCrate. It really is SO MUCH FUN!

February's KNITCRATE contained 3 yummy skeins of Mrs. Crosby worsted weight 100% merino and a lavender bath bomb.  Super fun!  The pattern included is for a Patchwork Purse.  I'm actually thinking I may not make that and may come up with something else to make.  I think finding a pattern for a worsted weight yarn is pretty easy.  SO many choices.  The lavender bath bomb is such a cute touch.  Handmade of essential oils and premium ingredients.  What a fun way to recover sore muscles!
The Sock KNITCRATE contained a yummy skein of  Mrs. Crosby's Train Case, a blend of 55% merino wool, 15% nylon and 30% outlast viscous, a unique fiber that extends the life of socks!  And another scrumptious bath bomb!  Definitely motivating me to make more socks.

You have until the end of February to order either of these crates.  Then, March is here with another exciting mail day!

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  1. Mrs Crosby was flying off the oklahoma yarn shop shelves last week when I visited. I hadnever heard of it. My daughter bought some for a shawl!

    1. so cool, kathy! i hadn't heard of it either! but am super excited to start knitting with it.

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    3. well, emily, i am SO excited for your new journey in the knitting world! grateful to have inspired you. xx