the winners

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween, sweet peeps!
Sorry for the delay regarding the book giveaways.
The random number generator did its thing.

Cowl Girls 2 :: #23,  Lise Jackson
Knit a square ::  #42, Mandy
60 quick knits for little kids ::  #14,  Meg
Please email me with your address, and I'll make sure the books land in your mailbox.
{Andrew, October 31, 2010.  Seriously cracks me up.}

My friend, Amy, shared an article.  I think you are gonna love it.  I believe the author to be true.  Knitters really are kind!

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  1. perry's article gave me pause at how knitters compliment one another's work. It's a good reminder.

  2. That's me!! I am so excited to have won. Thank you so much. I will look round your site to find out how to email you.

  3. I don't like to do my homework, especially during holidays I waited for. And I am sure that this is only good motivation for me.