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Monday, September 26, 2016

 I love fall.  So so much!  My heart gets a little happier with the cooler mornings.  Makes me want to knit and bake.   All. Day. Long.
I made these cookies a couple of weeks ago to ship to Charlie and Libby.  They were a huge hit. Not too sweet and hold up well in the mail.  I think it's the tablespoon of vanilla that makes these extra delicious.  I definitely think they will be a new favorite.
Feeling the halloween, fall vibe, I decided to add orange sugar crystals this time around.  I almost always roll the dough into a log when I can.  I roll the dough in the crystals and then pop them into the freezer for about an hour before cutting and baking.
I thought this was so funny.  Libby face timed me when I was photographing the cookies.  So she joined me in the photo shoot. :)

Happy Monday, Friends!

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  1. Ooh! Made me smile. How do you ship them so they don't break?

  2. FaceTime while baking. Now if we could only get smell-o-vision to work.

  3. Anonymous9/29/2016

    ugh get a life. people r dying.

  4. After seen the first image of this post, my mouth was filled with full of water. So nice post. I love it very much. Really several people are interest in making these type of cookies. Your presentation skill is also amazing. Thanks for your nice post.