stitch markers for my friends

Friday, July 29, 2016

 Oh, these little pins.
Well, they are seriously my new favorite stitch markers.
I work in a beautiful clothing store on Fridays and Saturdays.  And, when the new merchandise arrives, most clothing lines use these pins to attach their tag.  We remove the tag and these pins.
 I've seen stitch markers that look like this sold before and I thought, Hey,  I'm going to recycle these and use them for my stitch markers.  And then I thought,  Hey!  I have a bunch of friends who might want some, too!  So, I told the incredible girls I work with and they all started saving them for you, too!  I giggle when I hear one of them say,  "Put Leslie's knitting friend's pins in this cup."  Seriously, my heart skips a beat.
These stitch markers are perfect for on the go.  Attach them to a hair tie.  Or attach them to the inside of your bag or suitcase.  Or attach them in between the stitches on your knitting just in case you need a marker in transit.  Genius I think!  
I wear it on my wrist and take it with me most places.  And it still will work as a hair tie.  Bonus.

So, the pins have either a silver or a black finish.   I've bagged 10 pins together with one different finish in each bag so that you would have a beginning of round marker.  (9 black, 1 silver and visa versa.)  I have about 15 sets bagged.   If you would like a package of 10, please email me.  lesliemfriend at gmail dot com.
Just say, "Hey!  I want some!" or "YES", or "Yes, please"  or "Would love them" or "Awesome!" or "I need those stitch markers!" or "Mail me some!" or anything your sweet heart desires.  Just let me know that you would like some and include your address in the email.    I'll pop them into the mail and you will receive them in no time!  And, the supply doesn't look like it is going to end, so don't worry.  If you don't get them on this round, there will always be more!

Have a super awesome weekend, friends!

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  1. Really??? this is so generous....

    steph young
    670 north 36th st
    paducah, ky 42001

    (my daughter still loves her chalk placemats!!!)

  2. Really??? this is so generous....

    steph young
    670 north 36th st
    paducah, ky 42001

    (my daughter still loves her chalk placemats!!!)

  3. Kathleen7/29/2016

    Awesome way to reuse those pins! I would love some. Thank you.

    Kathleen Reeves
    1020 Pebblebrook Lane
    East Lansing, MI 48823

  4. Would love some. Thank you.
    I also keep the ones I get from RTW clothes purchases. :)
    Janice Stokes
    4112 248th Ct SE
    Issaquah, WA 98029

  5. What a great idea! Awesome!
    Cynthia Jordan
    5 Carrie Lynn Lane
    York, ME 03909

  6. What a sweet surprise, Leslie!! Thank you--they look great! Maire

  7. Oh yes please! I have some horrible plastic circles that fall off, and make my knitting look cheap. And I never have spare cash to invest in nicer ones. Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful. You have the best workmates it sounds like! =0)
    Sarah Vine
    839 Evelyn Ave
    Albany CA 94706

  8. Leslie, you are indeed a friend to knit with!

    I am just imagining how many of these clever little pins must be arriving in shops all over the world. When I was involved in the retail clothing world, I never saw such pins because the shop only sold our own brand.

    Recycling is a great idea. I probably have enough stitch markers myself, but really love this idea. xo

  9. yes, please! so generous of you, leslie! (i think you have my address...if you don't, email me.)

  10. This is weird! I accidently found one of those pins yesterday and I used it immediately on a sweater I was casting on and I was thinking where did I find this pin and where can I find some more? So, YES PLEASE! (Only if mailing them to Greece isn't a problem for you.)

  11. Anonymous7/29/2016

    Yes please. You are very generous.

    Dr. Karen Maddi
    UIC Counseling Center, m/c333
    1200 W Harrison
    Chicago, IL 60607

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  13. Thank you, Leslie! Thank you thank you! I would love some.
    Allison Mueller
    5553 Colfax Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55419

  14. Ooh! I'd love some. I have one from a shirt I bought for my daughter and it lives on the hem of my favorite shirt just so I have a marker just when I need one on the go. Thank you!
    Megan Nguyen
    4033 NE 88th st
    Seattle, WA 98115

  15. Anonymous7/29/2016

    So sweet of you! Love recycling items, I would love a package.

    Thanks so much,

    Kathy Racz
    1442 N Rogers Ave
    Springfield, MO 65802

  16. How thoughtful of you to share with knitting friends! Thank you so much.......
    Kathy Zelazny
    525 Jackson Rd
    Danville Pa 17821

  17. How sweet and I love that you are recycling them! I don't need any but wanted to say thanks anyway!❤️

  18. I love recycling and repurposing. Sure, I'd like some. I found a couple on a recent dress I bought. Immediately went on my latest project, too.
    Patti Orsburn
    3928 Kite Meadow Dr
    Plano, TX 75074

  19. Cool! I'd like a set.

    I save them when I find them too. I just don't come across them in the quantities you do. LOL

  20. Anonymous7/30/2016

    Please please please!

    Thanks so much!

    Lisa Bulger
    63 Valridge Drive
    Ancaster, Ontario
    L9G 4Y7

    1. I would love them, also sent as a separate e-mail but then I saw requests through comments.
      Thanks so much for thinking of your friends!

      Theresa Pressman
      845 Barbour Hill Road
      Halstead, Pa. 18822

  21. I'm always looking for stitch markers when knitting .
    Would absolutely love them.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Maybe this will post correct Carol Penoyer. 39325 Nanian dr, Zephyrhills Fl 33542

  22. Maureen8/01/2016

    Thank you so thoughtful and so always!
    Maureen Areglado
    2 Partridge Run
    Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813

  23. This is wonderfully generous of you. Sending a seperate email with address as I know my hubby would prefer me to not post my address here. If that disqualifies me it's no problem. I know it would be much easier to keep track of the addressees in one location

  24. I would love some too!

    81 Ball Farm Way
    Wilmington,DE 19808

  25. How lovely is this? I would love some if they can find their way to Canada!
    Kim Merkley
    6539 Grant Rd East,
    Sooke, BC
    Canada V9Z 2W9

  26. That's so kind! I won't be asking you to send them to the UK though lol

  27. Ummm, yes please! And thank you :)

  28. that is so sweet of you! !I just got a whackload of new locking stitch markers, but I might be signing up for the next round!

  29. What a great idea! Please send me a pack! I made yourfingerless gloves and I love them.
    Charlene VanHoose
    4181 Sulphur Spring Rd
    Kingston, OH 45644
    Thank you!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I would love some of these stitch markers! carol Decker 4 martin dr.
    Plainville, CT 06062. Thanks so much.

  32. Lovely! Julie Sample,38 Holly Dr, Olathe, Ks. 66062.

  33. Anonymous8/08/2016

    These markers are geat. I would love them. Thabks for your generosity. Lynn Russell 4 Warwick Lane Frankfort KY 40601

  34. Anonymous8/08/2016

    These markers are great. I would love them. Thanks for your generosity. Lynn Russell 4 Warwick Lane Frankfort KY 40601

  35. I'm pretty sure I'm too late for these, but if you get more in the future I'd love some! This is so thoughtful of you!!!
    Linda Crockett
    PO Box 437
    Lake Hughes, CA 93532

  36. Yes, please-- this is so very generous of you!!
    Elizabeth Margutti
    1128 Little High St.
    Charlottesville, Va 22902

    And since you don't seem to be asking for postage, I am going to make a donation to my local SPCA in honor of your sweet dog, Trouble. I like to support them anyway, and this is as good an excuse as any...

  37. Thank you so much for the terrific stitch markers! It was such a treat to open my mail today. You're a star!