i guess we all love yarn

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hey Friends!  I just came back from a super relaxing time visiting my mom.  Just me.  No kids.  No husband.  No plans except for knitting and relaxing with my mom by my side.  
On the airplane, I thought...
This is so great!  
I bet I can finish this sweater.  
I only have the sleeves left to do.  
I bet I can finish pink memories, too.  
This is going to be awesome.  
I'll be wearing this sweater in July.  
Ya.  I can wear it with my white jeans.  
I might need a new white tank to go under it.  Yep.  I think so.  
Oh, what shoes can I wear?
 The little gold sandals from Target?
Oh! It's gonna be the cutest outfit!  
And then all of a sudden, I notice a little frayed yarn.  
What's this?  
What in the world?  
And wait.  
Here too?  
What is going on?  
And then all of a sudden it hit me.  
Are you ready for it to hit you?

Well, you see.  We've had a bit of a mouse problem in our house.  My sweet husband thought it was a good idea to store the opened bag of bird seed in the kitchen.  Yes.  The mice liked that idea, too.
And, they loved the dining room, too.  Cause we have a little sitting nook in there.  And that is where I like to sit and knit.  And when pink memories was in my hands,  Elen, was on the floor.  Not in my knitting bag.  Just on the floor.  The mice thought that was a great idea, too.
I knew it was them, cause they left a little of them behind.  Ew!

So, I had a fabulous time in Florida with my mom.
I ripped out Elen and cast on again with new yarn.  It's okay.  I'll wear that cute outfit.  It just won't be next week like I thought.

I never knew... but mice love yarn, too!

Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Maureen6/24/2016

    I stored a lace shawl that was 75% completed in a tote bag for almost a year. When I took it out months later, moths had eaten through so much of it, I just threw the entire thing in the trash. My first and last attempt at knitting lace! I feel your pain! So happy you had a wonderful visit with your mom!

    1. oh no! that had to have been a killer on all of that lace!!!

  2. Ouch!! I just pulled out a skein of lace weight yarn. I put all 1000 yards on the swift to wind. Wound and wound that yarn by hand and started to get smaller and smaller balls. Apparently something liked it too. I ended up holding it quadrupled and making one very nice and squishy hat. Pompom will be next. :) hope your yarn finds a way into a safe place away from critters. Xo

    1. suzanne... you are so wise to quadruple the strands! xx

  3. Anonymous6/24/2016

    Oh man, what bold mice.

    1. ha! i know! my husband actually witnessed one sneaking out from under the dishwasher! :)

  4. Oh, I am so sorry! What an awful thing to happen to such nice knitting. But your positive attitude is admirable. Just keep knitting!

  5. those itty visitors have wreaked havoc in my stash (talk about...ew!!!) in the past. bummer. :(

    1. i know! i just never knew they liked yarn!!! xx

  6. Oh, those cheeky mice!!! I have a children's book called Noodles Knitting (Lila loves it) about a mouse that loves yarn, so perhaps it's a thing that mice go crazy for! So sorry that it ruined the project, though. The mice should be more considerate next time.

    1. ha! i wish i would have read that book to my children, july! it sounds adorable!

  7. yikes! you have the best attitude. i would have been MAD. and i should probably take a look at all of my ufo's. i'm sure i'm in the same boat.

    1. i can't wait to see some of those ufo in your bag, erin! that poncho is still in my que. xx

  8. Anonymous6/28/2016

    How can such cute little critters do so many ugly things?