on or off?

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Suzanne made me giggle when she commented on my last post, "shoes on or off?". 
I prefer to have my shoes "on".  But feel free to take yours "off".  Andrew is the only one that usually walks around without his shoes.  So when you come in, just be careful not to trip over his.  His 10.5 size shoes end up just about everywhere.
I'm not exactly sure what this stitch is called.  (Does anyone know?)
I made up a little cowl pattern using it.  I'm gonna attach some fringe and then I'll show you.  Hopefully it will be cute and you can make one, too!

Erin is joining me in taking photos "all around" for the month of December.  Feel free to play along!

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  1. I like that shoe shot. With wood flooring, I prefer no shoes as I'm paranoid about what germs can be tracked in. Dr. Oz food a show once and it was not pretty what the lab results were. Do you wear slippers?

  2. Anonymous12/04/2014

    The stitch looks like cat's eyes lace to me (maybe twisted someway).

  3. Shoes on here despite all my efforts at trying to make it a shoes off house. ;)

  4. Maybe because Canadians deal with snow and slush for so long that it's automatically shoes off no matter whose house you go to or whatever the season. With two teenage boys I'm constantly tripping over shoes.

  5. My 12 year old is quickly approaching the 10.5 as well. Yikes! By the number of shoes we have by our doors, you would think we were fostering a village of fugitives. Me? I'm a slipper gal.

    I hope December has 120 days because I appreciate the photo vignettes you and Erin share.

  6. Looks like a nice cowl stitch, whatever it is.