we went to vero beach

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

 Where my parents new neighborhood has glorious Oak lined streets.
 Where the sunrises are well worth getting out of bed to experience.
 Where beach days are not unappreciated.
 Where my girl still likes to play in the sand.
 Where my three children still hit the water all together.
Where knitting happens.  (And progress is made!)

Where the time with my parents goes much too quickly but fills each of us with memories, laughter and and a whole lotta love.

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  1. and there's the blanket you made them! looks and sounds like a great visit.

  2. That looks a beautiful corner of the world x

  3. Your knitting is lovely! I like the colour combo. What a stunning beach, no wonder you love to visit! xx

  4. I've been reading your blog a long time.
    Just look at your beautiful children!!!


  5. Anonymous7/15/2014

    Beautiful photos. I can't believe you bring your knitting to the beach, though. I'm at the beach this week, and the knitting stays at the beach house.

  6. What a lovely time you had. I love seeing tree lined streets. My girls are water babies too.

  7. Anonymous7/16/2014

    Amazeballs. (And I love your new header!)

  8. Looks like a great time and I love the photos! Those tree lined streets are always a fav!

  9. Love those moments full of joy and peace...

  10. Your life always looks so fun and adventurous. I love how you capture it all with the camera. Enjoy! g

  11. What a lovely visit!

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