our "love day" cookie

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Libby received a macaron maker for Christmas.  We weren't sure how well it would work, but were pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  I'll be honest.  We didn't make macarons that tasted like those from Laduree, but these were a little breeze of Paris in our kitchen.  
The kit includes super easy directions with a lot of different recipe's.  Many different choices and flavors.  
All the tools included to make the perfect little cookies.  And all perfectly sized.  
We made a basic buttercream frosting for the filling and tinted it pink for Valentine's Day.
These are almond flavored.
Next up, coconut.

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  1. i ♥ your new header and seeing a cookie post from you. Only problem was you deviated from the norm. Libby is not headless. ;-) xoxo

  2. They look lovely, I am very impressed! xx

  3. Madame Papillon2/13/2014

    Great first try...they are actually called "macarons", macaroons are the coconut haystacks.

  4. ha! one to many oooooo's! thank you madame papillon!

  5. They look like they came straight from Paris! So pretty!

  6. Maureen2/13/2014

    I've been wanting to making these for ages, Leslie! They look too beautiful to eat! The March copy of Martha Stewart Living just arrived in my mailbox and the entire cover is filled with macarons...must be a message for me! It's snowing...again...today so I'm off to my kitchen to try these! Congrats to you and Libby -
    you're both my inspiration! You did a fabulous job!

  7. Who knew they could be so easy? They look so fancy!

  8. How interesting! Good job.

  9. I've never heard of that tool before. Those macaroons look amazing.

  10. Wow! They look gorgeous!
    What a fun and yummy treat!
    Love this!

    all my heart,
    Deborah ;)