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Thursday, January 30, 2014

First off, it was so nice to read all of your fantastic and funny comments on my little knitting experiment. Thank you!  Carly Carter shared an article on twitter about the connection between yoga and knitting.  I thought it was a great read and doesn't surprise me one bit.  Although,  after all of these years of knitting, and knowing how much I love everything about it (The yarn, the feel, the rhythm, the sound;  the entire process, not just the finished project.) I feel like I will put out an effort to be more mindful when knitting.  More in the moment .   Unless, of course, I am working on a favorite mindless knit.  Because, I believe there is room for both.

On a freezing day earlier in the month, we froze bubbles.  It really was SO cool.  The bubbles would freeze almost instantly (in negative temperatures) and shatter when they hit the frozen earth.  
Stevie left a comment on how her family likes to make ice lanterns.  What?  We are all over that!  I love a good winter craft.  
I made a couple of mistakes along my ice lantern making journey.   First off, I used paper dixie cups in the center where the tea light will go.  Have you ever tried to get paper off of ice?  What was I thinking?  (I'm sure I was thinking of knitting.  Refer to last post.)  I used little pebbles to hold down the cup in the water.  That seemed to work well.  
The other mistake would have been that I didn't wear plastic gloves when removing the ice lantern from the plastic container.  The food coloring temporarily stained my hands.  Plastic gloves would make the process a whole lot neater.  
We had a lovely candlelight dinner by ice.  
The lanterns didn't melt too much.  They went back outside where they will remain frozen awaiting their next icy display.

Make the most of these cold days!

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  1. These are a great idea and very pretty too!! xx

  2. What a cool idea! And beautiful too!!!

  3. How fun! Your finished candle holders are wonderful.

    I love the winter for many reasons….including knitting, candles and fires in the fireplace!

  4. that is so cool! i'll have to remember that next time it freezes.

  5. What a neat craft project for freezing temperatures.

  6. Those lanterns look like beautiful blown glass.

  7. Ok this is LITERALLY a cool idea!!!! I'm having a dinner party end of March and will definitely try these then!

  8. what a great idea - the candles and the bubbles!