eighteen on the eighteenth

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Did you know it's a wonder year?!  That's what I heard!  Turning your age on your birthday day?  
So, THIS was even a MORE fun birthday!
Of course, there were 18 balloons.  
The place mat that welcomed the day.  
The chocolate cake that was requested and made.  I forgot to save some white frosting for the name so thought quickly and came up with mini chocolate chips to write the name. (I think it worked okay... he loved it.)
And this year,  I did something a little different.  And a little special.  And dug deep in my heart for the top 18 things I love about Charlie.  (It took me about 18 seconds.)

Love these days.

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  1. How lovely! Happy 18th Birthday to Charlie. Hope that a great day was had by all!!

  2. I always heard it was a golden year when your age was the birthdate. Kind of like wonder better!

  3. Happy Birthday to Charlie! I love the idea of that list. (Time flies!!!)

  4. how awesome!!! i remember my 18th year (also born on sept. 18) so well. my first year of college. happy birthday to charlie and to you, too!

  5. Anonymous9/19/2013

    18 is also a significant and lucky number in Judaism. In fact, donations to Jewish charitable organizations (or gifts to Jews) are often made in multiples of 18. :)

  6. What joy Charlie must bring to your world! Happy birthday!

  7. wow 18! that must feel even more upside down than all the birthdays before, doesn´t it? you´re brave! congratulations to you, too. what a big job you did!

  8. Did you know.....my sisters and I did that list for my Dad on his 77th?....it took us about 77 seconds. He will be 80 on November 8....80....Charlie....18...18.....
    something about 8's (and hearts and bees) these days.
    I believe I will start doing this list for all my special peeps- thank you for sharing.

    xoxooxoxo M

  9. I hope your Charlie had a wonderful day...and I simply love the list idea - so sweet and lovely.

  10. Happy Birthday to your 18 yr. old!

  11. Maureen9/23/2013

    I missed this post yesterday - Happy Birthday to Charlie! Your gift is incredibly wonderful - he's lucky to be blessed with you as his mom!

  12. Anonymous10/04/2013

    Goodness, I just realised my husband turned twenty-nine on the 29th this year, and neither of us noticed! Shameful.

    Hope Charlie is enjoying his nineteenth year! What a very lovely way to start it. A friend of my mum's made her a necklace with forty beads for her fourtieth birthday. It was beautiful.

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