my mom the knitter. and model.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So, when my parents were here, my awesome mom finished her sweater.  I made her model it for me since it seems to have been a pretty long time since I've knit a sweater to show.  I do have a project that I just finished and am really looking forward to sharing.  But for now, it's mom's turn.

This is the woman who taught me everything I know.  Everything about knitting and Life.  Those hands have knit more stitches (and dried more tears, and made more potato salad, and squeezed more limes, and made more pies, and held more hands) in her lifetime than any other hands I know.  Wow, do I love those hands.

Pattern:  Bartok Tunik from Spring 2013 Interweave knits
Yarn:  Classic Elite Majestic Tweed #7246
Needles:  Size 9 for body and size 7 for hems and neck edging

Thanks mom!
I sure do love it.  And you.

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  1. Beautiful words and beautiful sweater.

  2. Your mom appears to have passed on a nice share of her fabulous traits. Thank you sharing this thoughtfulness with us.

  3. There is something special about looking at the hands of Mothers. They have a story to tell. I love her sweater and the colour is yum.
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. it's such a beautiful sweater and I love your words about your mom's hands. From now on, I will look at my hands and think of all the things my hands have helped me to do

  5. Anonymous7/11/2013

    Your mom sounds wonderful. The sweater is gorgeous on her. What a loving tribute.. Sure do miss my own mom who taught me to knit and was a fabulous embroiderer. Chloe

  6. She is so cute. Hands on hips and everything. Love the sweater and love your words. Hope you are well Leslie! xo!

  7. I love those hands!....and that amazing woman too...

  8. What a beautiful sweater. I like her nails, too.

  9. wow, it looks terrific on her, and so beautifully knit. Bravo!

  10. beautiful sweater

  11. Your Mom - the super knitter extraordinaire.
    Easy to see where you got your skills.
    So glad she was so gracious to share her latest creation with us - the sweater is fantastic!!!
    Hugs to you and to your sweet mother.

  12. I definitely see a resemblance. :-)

    Your mom has clearly taught you a lot and from the sounds of it, knitting is just the beginning.

    ps. my inbox is happy every time a new post from you pops up. xo

  13. What a wonderful post! There's just something about a mother's hands...I feel the same about my own mother's. And, funny, right after I had Daniel, I thought my hands changed. Not experienced mom hands, but they became mom hands.

    And the sweater is absolutely gorgeous!

  14. Way to go mom. It is lovely!

  15. Leslie, it's been quite some time since I've visited your site and I must say, everything looks lovely...especially this sweater! I love the color and your ma wears it well! :)

  16. This yarn looks so soft! MMMHHH
    And the colour is beautifull.

    Liebe Grüße Anupa Gabriele

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