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Thursday, April 11, 2013

When in Beaver Creek we had lunch at Zach's cabin where I was served an awesome meal. The menu referred to it as zucchini pasta with a smoked sun dried tomato pesto.
I have been craving it ever since we came home and had to try to duplicate it.  
Not the smokey part.  Just the rest.  The yummy sun dried tomatoes, the basil and parmesan from the pesto.  
We thought they probably used the little, baby zucchini.   
That way, you could use the peeler to slice down the entire length of the zucchini, while managing to keep the width in tact.  
I thought about sauteing the zucchini, but decided to just steam it instead by placing the slices in a colander and steaming them over a pot of boiling water.  
It really was one of the most delicious little combinations, I just had to share.  
It's so good, I can seriously eat it with a spoon.

AND... after much consideration decided to name it "t o g".  Because, hey, this is my knitting blog after all.  And, there isn't anyone I would rather share this with than my knitting friends.
{tog:: knitting or purling stitches (ingredients) together.}

t o g (paste, spread, chutney, pesto, topping...)
1 cup sun dried tomatoes packed in oil (do you have any canned from last summer?)
3/4 cup pesto (mine was from the garden last summer, hanging out in the freezer.)
1 sweet onion
1 tsp red pepper flakes
Saute the onion in the oil from the sun dried tomatoes until tender.  Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender until blended.  Toss with steamed zucchini.  Sprinkle fresh parmesan (and fresh parsley or basil if you have any around).

You can use this with just about anything, really.  Use over grilled chicken or fish.  Spread on toast or a bagel with cream cheese.  Spread over crackers.  Toss with pasta.  The possibilities are endless!

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  1. sounds heavenly!! i'll definitely be trying your recipe, thanks.

  2. YUM! I have pinned this, looks soooo good.

  3. yumskins! i'm all over this come june when we have zucchini coming out of our ears!

  4. Anonymous4/12/2013

    Is it Zacks Cabin OR Zach's Cabin?

  5. That sounds fabulous, thanks for sharing. Would you also share how to can sundried tomatoes? I'd love to try that this summer!

  6. Oh, YUM! And good call on the zucchini!

  7. my roomie from college was from Beaver Creek...or maybe it was Beaver Falls now that I type that. Anyways, the recipe looks delish. Thanks for sharing.

  8. sounds yummy. will try this summer when herb garden is ready!

  9. zach's cabin.... thank you anonymous! :)

  10. That sounds wonderful.

  11. Sounds tasty - just found your blog and love your hat from a few posts ago x

  12. I haven't eaten sun dried tomatoes in so long. Your version of zucchini pasta looks delicious!

  13. Sounds lovely...If you want to recreate the smokiness, you can probably do it by adding smoked Spanish paprika to your pesto. :)

  14. Anonymous5/02/2013

    I love zucchini pasta! This looks amazing - I'm definitely going to try this recipe. :)