the three

Sunday, December 02, 2012

I apologize for not getting back here sooner.  Life just sort of got busy... just like yours.  We had a new sort of Thanksgiving that was truly wonderful.  I will think about it for months and treasure it forever.  My parents came to town and stayed for a nice long visit.  Just a bit short of two weeks.  Knitting happened.  Projects were ripped and projects were started.  A special visit from a blog friend and her awesome family.  Oh boy.  Isn't life fun!
Congrats to Liz, Nadine and Gale.  Please email me with your address and the Place Mats will ship immediately.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Thanks so much for all the kind words regarding the Place Mats.  Blogland truly is the best.

Okay.  On with holiday knitting!

{p.s.  glasses from pier one.  thank you, betsy.  i love them!}

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  1. Leslie! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving, glad to hear you spent yours well. I haven't been on a knitting blog in ages and thought this was the best one to hit up first, and I was right:)

  2. congratulations winners! I was thinking the glasses were going to be your next chalkboard project. :)

  3. Hurray! What a wonderful way to start a Monday morning! :)

  4. sounds like a great thanksgiving! miss you!

  5. I miss your blogs and flickr pix...hope things are looking up!

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