and he calls him "ivy"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

meet ivy

We celebrated a 7th birthday yesterday, and there to help was ivy (the name was prompted by his older brother). He woke up to the little guy and it was a welcome surprise to the usual birthday fairy balloons! He enjoyed breakfast with him (I did NOT plan his coordinating jammies) :) and was either carried or slithered throughout our home for most of the day.

This was such a great, quick project. It truly took about 2 days of barely working on it. I made his body about 46 inches long before beginning the head. I definately think this project should be kept in the car and worked on while waiting at lights, carpool lines, traffic, or even driving. Just teasing honey! (I have been known to knit and drive, very dangerous.) However, I do think this is a great gift for any little boy.

Here's the skinny:
1 skein cascade 220 color #9461, lime
1 skein cascade 220 color #9805, ruby
Toys to Knit by Tracy Chapman

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