handmade loom, making potholders

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

I'm finding comfort in small projects with instant satisfaction.  Or close enough anyhow.

My grandfather made this loom a very, very long time ago.  My sisters and I made many a potholder on this homemade loom.  And the loops are from my childhood.  Grateful my mother never purged them or the loom.  It makes me think of my grandfather who was born in 1905.  He was 14-15 years old during the Spanish Flu.  Oh, how I wish I could talk to him about that time now.   I don't ever remember him mentioning the Spanish Flu when I was young. But it must have been a memorable time for him.  Especially living in Pennsylvania.   I would love for him to reassure me that everything would be okay just about now.
The loom is built on a piece of scrap wood.  It measures 7" x 7".  25 nails on each side.  Each approximately a 1/4" apart.  It's not perfect, but it certainly works.  I ordered more loops from Amazon because this is so therapeutic.

I haven't left my house since March 16th.  My kids are out of their 14 day quarantine tomorrow.  I can't wait to hug them!

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  1. I am intrigued by this. When you say loops, are these for stringing across, for the basic framework? Lastly when you've finished weaving, how are you securing the edges? Is it by chain stitch?

    Much as I enjoy marathon knitting, I did enjoy making jewellery, nice to start and finish something pretty in one sitting. I appreciate these lovely little baby clothes took time, though relative to an adult jumper, of course, not as much 😊

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    love it =)
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