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Friday, June 13, 2014

 I have been waiting for these beauties for a pretty long time.  Summer of '10 to be exact.
So, when they showed up this week in my CSA box, I was beyond thrilled.
The recipe is simple.  
With three little ingredients.  
But one of those ingredients is parmesan cheese.  
Cheese. Oh, yes.  I'm onto a new food venture.  Omitting dairy from my diet.  I've tired a lot of things over the years, I know.  And you've been there for them all. There was the ice addiction.  (I kicked the ice eating habit and started taking iron pills.) There was the green smoothie challenge in May '10.  (I've been drinking a green smoothie 4-5 days a week ever since.)  Then there was the gluten-free attempt where I went gluten free for 3 months to try to help my excema.  (It did help, and I still watch my gluten but am not gluten free.) I tried going fully raw.  (That lasted for 3 days. I like some of my food hot.) And now,  now I am attempting to eliminate dairy from my diet.  Why?  Well, I have read a lot of studies about dairy.  And the one that really caught my eye and made me get serious about giving it up was that without it,  it can help eliminate asthma symptoms. (There goes my friend Michelle's eye rolling.) I have been an asthmatic my entire life, so I figured why not give it a try.  To be free of my inhalers would be a dream.  (I may just prove you wrong, Michelle. :) )
So, I made a version of parmesan cheese.  It's not bad, either.  And the scape pesto?  Fabulous!

Cashew Parmesan:
1 cup raw cashews
1/4 cup nutritional yeast (You just have to get over the name.)
1 tsp salt

Scape Pesto:
7-8 garlic scapes
1 cup parmesan cheese (The real stuff or the cashew parmesan above.)
3/4 cup good olive oil

Put all ingredients in a food processor and let it do it's thing.

You can use the pesto as a dip, or tossed with your favorite pasta, or with your zuchinni noodles, or as a spread on a sandwich.  I made hummus and threw in a big spoonful instead of the garlic.  Yumm.

Enjoy your weekend and your yarn!

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  1. have you read the china syndrome? very compelling evidence that animal based foods are responsible for many 'western' diseases----including asthma. (For me, it was high cholesterol-----after a month my cholesterol was down 20 points....i wish i could say i'm totally vegan and this will merrily continue, but i really really watch what animal products i consume and hope it's better).....good luck with the dairy-thing. If it wasn't for the dairy, I think I could easily slip into the vegan diet.

  2. My eyes rolled, but only briefly, because I was then quickly shocked by Cashew Parmesan!?! I am happy to report that I will be keeping vampires away all summer with this completely tasty recipe (made with real parm, because thankfully, I do not have asthma....and a splash of wine... that is widely known for it's many health benefits!).

    I love you! Have a great day! xoxox M

  3. I have gotta try the scapes!! 10209

  4. I have gotta try the scapes!! 10209

  5. Did the iron pills help with your ice eating habit? I am pretty desperate to kick my addiction to ice, but every time I stop chewing for a few hours, it's horrible.

  6. I have no idea if this plan will help, but hey I doubt that it will do you any harm, so why not give it a go and see what happens. If the results work for you, you will be very happy won't you!! I hope that you enjoy your pesto whatever happens. xx

  7. Our farmer's market sells scape pesto - I love it! Thanks for reminding me about it - hmmm...I think I'll make my own this time!

  8. Hey that looks pretty interesting!
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Hi Leslie,
    Our organic farm has garlic scapes as well and they should be in any day now so thank you for the reminder and recipe!
    Have you read The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin? She has a list of 7 foods to eliminate for 4 weeks and then gradually add one in a week at a time. She goes pretty in-depth as to her reasoning (and science) behind eliminating dairy, soy, gluten, etc. Very easy read and a very do-able diet. The background on dairy/eggs may be of interest to you.


  11. its really different recipe with cashew parmesan
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  12. Hi! I have been reading your blog for years but I think this is the first time I've actually commented.

    First, because it's a personal pet peeve of mine, I have to say that the China Study mentioned above has been debunked many times over. The Chinese did actually eat animal products - lots of them - it just somehow got "overlooked" in the study.

    So there's that, but while we're touting the praises of the Chinese I wanted to mention that in Chinese medicine the skin and the lungs are related. (A couple of acupuncturist friends told me this). So many people have both - including my cutie little 2 year old son. Sad. BUT! I found great help and information in the web site Might be worth your time to peruse for both asthma and eczema help.

    And the recipe looks UH-mazing. Going to try it soon.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. This looks like amazing green garlicky yumminess. And the cashew parmesan sounds perfect...mmm. Coming right up.

  15. cashew Parmesan i have never tried it,with bread it goes good

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  16. Have you ever been tested for contact allergies? I was asked to eliminate a number of products such as body lotions, soap products (except for Dove for sensitive Skin bar soap), hair products (other than Cliniderm shampoo and conditioner)etc. There has been a huge improvement for me in terms of my exzema and allergic reactions.

  17. Dear Leslie, thank you for this recipe. I never knew what to do with the garlic scapes that we get from our CSA, but that is no longer a problem with this delicious pesto (cheese version), which I made recently and which I and friends loved.

    I have been a fan of your blog for years--it is classy, clean, and beautiful...perhaps just like you! Your photographs are lovely. Thank you for sharing knitting matters, wonderful photos, yummy recipes, generous give-away's, and a little bit of your life on your blog.

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