vacation and toast

Thursday, August 22, 2013

So a little vacation. (Actually, a big vacation.  Huge, really.)  A lot of driving.  
One of my favorite yarn rollers.  (aka : Libby)
Resulted in one pair of toast.
I had bigger plans.  4 projects in all packed away in my rather large suitcase.  But all I knit was a pair of toast.  I'll take it though.  And those were popped in the mail today to keep some special wrists warm.

What also happened today?
Back to school happened today.  SO hard to believe.

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  1. * Bee-u-tee-full color.
    * The gift tag is so sweet and polished.
    * Yay for completed projects and gifts
    * Hope your vacay was wonderful
    * And here's to a great and wonderful new school year for the kids!

  2. I never thought about rolling yarn like this! Simple but excellent idea!

  3. glad you had a happy summer! much deserved! xox

  4. kimmiekat on Ravelry8/23/2013

    Yummy toast, as always! Which yarn is that? Love it.

  5. Love the yarn used!

    Would love to see vacation photos~sounds lovely!

  6. As I've commented before, there is nothing like Toast! The yarn you chose is perfect.

    (Of course, I am also a fan of Toasty and Those Mitts.)


  7. Loving the colour of the yarn. How I wish I was knitting by the sea.

  8. love your captures! Love that yarn color too! So glad you had a great summer get away. We start school next week! Gah! I took my oldest to college last week...double Gah! If we could just slow things know? Hope your days are golden!

    love you girl!

  9. I love that toast!! Hope your holiday was fantastic.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. Beautiful color for some lucky person!

  11. How wonderful! That is quite possibly my favorite area of my dear state, and we're hoping to take a family trip there soon! Anyway, looks like a wonderful trip. And the Toast are pretty, too! :)

  12. Had great knitting plans for my vaycay and managed to forget the small ones as well as my whole knitting kit (markers, darning needles etc) so ended buying sock yarn and double points in the only knitting shop on Cape Breton (Baddeck) Still working on the first sock and haven't touched the big projects. Funny how that works.

  13. Knitting in the summer sunshine. I love it.

  14. Maureen8/29/2013

    Love the color - matches the sea! Why do we knitters pack so many projects to knit and/or so many books to read while on vacation? I'm guilty - I only get to a fraction of it! Glad you had a wonderful vacation and hope your kids have the best school year yet!

  15. your toast looks delicious

  16. It's so beautiful, good job!

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